Philippines : Laoag

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Laoag .
Laoag .


I left Pagudpud with Rachel . We went by bus , it was raining , until Laoag . We visited Main Square and around downtown . We ate empanadas , typical food from Ilocos . The Main Square is really nice in Laoag . Actually , everywhere in Ilocos ,  are really nice . We spent a couple of hours , we bought food and we left hitchhiking to Baguio .



A dedo por Filipinas .
Hitchhiking Philippines  .


It was getting dark . But , we were very lucky ! First truck stopped and drove us until La Union . It was 200 kilometers , they were very friendly with us , they gave us soda and pan de sal , typical bread , which people love in Philippines .



Plaza , Laoag .
Main Square  , Laoag .


At night , we got Bauan , where we had dinner , beer and walked around . It was very late . So , we slept a few hours in a park , until sunrise . First thing in the morning , we hitchhiked to Baguio . A truck driver drove us half of the way . Finally , a nice man paid a bus ticket for us . The journey was short , less than half an hour ride .



Amaneciendo , en Bauan .
Waking up  ,  Bauan .



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