Philippines : Baguio





A Baguio .
Hitchhiking to  Baguio .


Its in the mountain . Its , 1 500 meters high . Its a small city . Aproximately , 300 000 people . The weather is nice during the day and its cold at night , around 10 degrees .



Taho .
Taho .


I spent two days with rachel . We visited a local market and another one very touristic . We ate in local market , it was very cheap and nice food . Touristic market prices were higher .


Baguio .


During the day , Baguio was busy and noisy . I really liked Burnham Park , it was full of people during the day and night . WWe visited green areas , where you can get nice views to the city .


Fresas .
Strawberries .


Flores .
Flowers .


My favorite place was the night market . It was very big ! They sell food and clothes . Baguio , its summer destination , the weather is cold and the rest of Philippines is extremely warm .



Mercado Nocturno .
Night Market .


Mercado Nocturno .
Night Market  .


Baguio is famous for the flowers and strawberries . In my opinion , Baguio was very cold . I really liked much more Ilocos . Prices were very cheap in Baguio , specially food . From Baguio , we went to Angeles by bus , ending our North trip in Philippines .



Parque Burnham .
Burnham Park  .



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