Thailand : Trang





Camino de Trang
Hitchhiking to  Trang .

 We got from Malaysia hitchhiking , I was with Sam . It was little bit hard hitchhiking until Thai border . After that , 15 days stamp in the passport . In Thailand , hitchhiking its amazing ! People are very friendly and they are always smiling . We got a truck , who drove us until Trang , where Nam , our host picked us to her home . Nam was 18 years old and she was living in the countryside ,  with her amazing family . She can speak English , so she was translating  and teaching us thai words .

Trabajando con el latex , en Trang
Working  latex ,  Trang .
Beemcon ina caja de Longan
Beem  eating  Longan .

 The place was very quiet and peaceful . We were around fruit trees , papaya , mango , rambutan , coconut , longen …

Desayunos en Trang
Breakfast ,  Trang .
Frutas tailandesas
Thailand fruits  .

I couldnt imagine best destination for the end of my trip !!  The best food that I have ever tried !! Too much food and very tasty . Breakfast were amazing !! Always the family joined us . Sam and me had a really nice adventure !

Rico desayuno
Yummy breakfast  !


We did day trips around Trang . We visited waterfalls near home . It was really nice place and  quiet . You cant see tourists , just some local people  .

Cataratas en Tailandia
Waterfalls  .

We visited caves with Nam and her family . It was really fun !! Nam´s family are very happy and friendly !

Excursion en las cuevas
Day trip with the family  .

We visited the beach , to spend the afternoon and watch the sunset !!


Atardecer en la playa
Sunset .

We visited an Island , where Nam´s family have family living . We spent a night . Over 10 people , we slept on the floor . The food was amazing !! Seafood was really tasty !! It was always fun !! They didnt stop laughing !! They are really happy people !!

Desayuno en la Isla
Tom Yam , the most famous dish ,Thailand  .
De excursion , con la familia
Daytrip with the family  .

Nam´s family , they  didnt let me hitchhike to Bangkok . They paid me for a train ticket to Bangkok .

Trabajando el latex
Working the  latex .

Last day in Trang , after a gastronomy tour . They drove me , until train station . Where we said goodbye each other , with tears in my eyes . They gave me fruits for my trip ! It was 14 hours journey , by train , until Bangkok . Once I got the capital , I spent the day in Kao San Road ,  eating and walking around . At night , I went to the airport for sleeping . It  was the end of my  trip ,  around South Asia  !! Amost a year traveling in these amazing countries !!


Campos de arroz , en Trang
Ricefields  ,  Trang .


Despedida en el tren
Goodbye , Trang  !

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