Philippines : Vigan






Llegando a Vigan .
On the way to  Vigan .


From La Union , we left first thing in the morning , on the way to Vigan . Its a colonial city and very touristic , in Ilocos . Hitchhiking was working good , a couple of cars drove us . Until , a young guy drove us direct to Vigan . He was very friendly , he stopped for us taking pictures and he drove us until downtown .



Plaza  , en Vigan .
Plaza ,  Vigan .


The city was full of tourists . It was very warm . Acommodation was so expensive . So , we decided to visit the city and continue to  North Ilocos .


Empanadas de longaniza .
Empanadas . .


My favorite place was Main Square , Plaza , with a big fountain . At the bottom , you can see a cathedral . Street are colonial style with the pavement and you can see horse-cars around .


Vigan .
Vigan .


We visited a market , little bit far from the touristic places . We were eating empanadas , with longaniza . It was very tasty !! Its the typical product in Ilocos ! Before getting dark , we left hitchhiking on the way to Pagudpud …



Visitando un museo .
Museum , Vigan  .


We were lucky , after 30 minutes walking to ask for a ride  . A truck driver , drove us 30 kilometers before Pagudpud . We did over 100 kilometers with them , stopping for dinner included  . Finally , at night , they dropped us in a beautiful beach , where we spent the night .



Centro Historico .
Downtown  , Vigan  .



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