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Philippines : La Union







Camino de La Union .

Hitchhiking ,  La Union .


I went with Rachel , from Angeles , hitchhiking until La Union . At the beginning was difficult to go out Angeles . But once , we got a ride , it was easy to get San Fernando , the largest city in La Union . Two cars and two trucks drove us  . Finally , filipino people , who were driving a couple from Switzerland drove us until San Fernando . We were walking around the market and having lunch . We left San Fernando by jeepney , until Bacnotan . We got there , just for the sunset . David , an American guy and Taji , his filipina girlfriend , were hosting us .



Llegando a San Fernando .

Getting  San Fernando .


We spent a couple of days in this quite town in the coast . Beach was really nice , long and empty . My favorite was the sunset . We spent time relaxing and swimming in the beach . Not many tourist things in Bacnotan . A church in downtown . Also , we visited the market , which food was really good and cheap . During the day , I was with Rachel in the beach and at night , we spent time with David and Taji for dinner .



Atardecer .

Sunset  .


It was very quiet time in Bacnotan . David was traveling a lot . So , most of the talks were about traveling . Their home was really nice , in the field , with animals around ,  5 minutes walking distance to the beach . I really liked  the place ! They had a bomb to get water , it was very simple house  . We enjoyed having dinner with them . Taji cooks really good !


Con Rachel , David y Taji .

With  Rachel , David and  Taji .


After two days in Bacnotan , we left hitchhiking to Ilocos , North Philippines . On the way to Ilocos  , we stopped in the tourist city of Vigan .




Bombing water  .