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Malaysia : Kedah




AJ s home

AJ s home .

After , I ended my trip in  Borneo , I was resting few days at AJ´s place . I spent 10 days in Kuala Lumpur . I was doing sport , catching up with interent , going out for dinner at night  . You never get bored at his home . Some days ,  there were 10 of us . Some of them travelers and some of them AJ´s friends .

Siempre entretenido , en AJ s Home

Always fun at  AJ s Home .

From Kuala Lumpur , I left to the North , Kedah , almost in Thailand border . I was traveling with Sam , a Canadian guy , who I met at AJ´s  home . We hitchhiked from Kuala Lumpur , we crossed the city without taking a bus . There was too much traffic , at that time , it was the Aniversary of Malaysian Independence .

Camino de Kedah

On the way to  Kedah .

It was easy hitchhiking in Malaysia . We got Kedah in the afternoon . Marcus was our host , we met him in his Academy . He was piano teacher and he drove us until his place .

Probando miel , en Kedah

With  Markus and  Sam , trying honey .

At that time , there was nothing to do in Sungai Petani , North Malaysia . Almost everything closed . We spent two days . We visited waterfalls and a farm ,  where they were selling honey . OMG ! It was so good that honey ! They gave us away a little bottle ! At night , we visited a night market next to the beach , pasar malan as they called in Malaysian language .

Con Sam

With  Sam .

Next morning , we went to Thailand . Sam joined me again . We had breakfast with Markus and he drove us until the toll road to ask for a ride . Where we said goodbye and thanks for the hospitality !!

Nasi Lemak , en KL

Nasi Lemak  .