Taiwan : Tainan




A dedo en Taiwan
Hitchhiking  ,  Taiwan .

The forth largest city in Taiwan . It was very warm . It was half an hour driving from Kaohsiung . It was easy to hitchhike . I made a sign and three girls drove me to Tainan . Not only they drove me to the place that I was going but also they invited me , to eat ice cream and fruits .

Buenisimo !!
Yummy  !!
Con Eden y su familia
With  Eden and his  family .


In Tainan , I was with Eden and his family . It was really nice place ! His parents were very friendly , we cant comunicate really good , but they were friendly and smiling all the time . During the day was very hot . At night , we usually went for cycling around the city , his brother Muska , joined us everytime . I liked the night market in Tainan , it was very big . We visited a couple of nice beaches .

Con Eden
With  Eden .


Eden´s  father cooks really good . I did a paella , but it wasnt the best . I couldnt get colorant to turn yellow the rice . They liked it !! I had fun with Eden , he loves traveling . So we were talking about our trips .

Letrero para ir a dedo a Taipei
Sign to hitchhike to Taipei  .


I spent 4 days in Tainan , from here I went to Taipei , hitchhiking . It was very easy . I got a ride almost until Taipei . Once , he dropped me , a young guy drove me until Taoyuan , where I was gonna meet my friend Tina .

Taro .
Taro .
Con Muska
With  Muska .

 Taoyuan is outside Taipei , where the airport is . Its only 20 kilometers far from Taipei . I stopped at Tina´s home , just a night . We went around the night market and we were talking at night . Next day , We had breakfast and she drove me until the airport . Where I finished my Taiwanese experience !

Mi desayuno favorito .
My favorite breakfast  .
Con Tina
With  Tina .


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