Taiwan : Taitung



En bici por Taitung .
Cycling around Taitung .

In the Coast , the weather was warm . I ve never lived so strong sun . Taitung , its the third largest city , in Taiwan . Aproximately , 300 000 people . Beaches are really nice ! I was coming from Hualien , hitchhiking , it was very easy ! People drive you very easy in Taiwan , they dont know what are you doing exactly but they drive you . Once , I got Taitung , Mr Liu hosted me . It was like 5 stars Hotel his home . I spent a week in Taitung , enjoying the beach , the bicycle and Taiwanese food  .

Cenando , en Taitung .
Having dinner  ,  Taitung .

At the same time at home , there were people from Singapore and USA . At the weekend , we went to watch a Hot Balloon Festival . We visited an indigena town , rice fields  and the Prehistoric Museum , where Liu was working . We did many plans .

Playa de Taitung
Beach , Taitung  .

The routine : In the morning, it  was having breakfast and cycling around the city  . I Used to go with Kathy , American girl . We did many kilometers with the bicycle to visit  beaches around Taitung .

En casa de Liu .
Liu´s home  .

I spent time with Liu , when he was done at work . We went out to the night market and local restaurants . Liu was really nice , he made me feel as at home . From Taitung , I hitchhiked to Kaohsiung .

Globos aerostaticos , en Taitung
Hot Balloon Festival  ,  Taitung .



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