Taiwan : Hualien




Taroko National Park .
Taroko National Park .

Its a big city , with long distances . Aproximately , 400 000 people . You can see many bicycles , transportation is really bad .  I got Hualien hitchhiking from Taipei . It was very easy ! We dont even take a bus to leave the capital . We made a sign and little by little , we got Hualien . From Yilan until Taroko National Park , the views were amazing !!

Con Sicai , a dedo por Taiwan .
With  Sicai ,  hitchhiking  .

The road was very bad , we were very slow , on the left side , we could see the amazing landscape from the truck . Amazing Taiwanese beaches with clear water !! After two trucks on the route , we got a car , which drove us until Hualien , where we spent the afternoon with Sicai´s  family .

Siempre comiendo , en Taiwan .
Always eating  ,  Taiwan .

At night , I went with my friend Dylan , we were having dinner with Sicai . Dylan was so friendly , but we didnt spend too much time together . He was working during the day . Sicai drove me to Taroko National Park , amazing place !! Landscape was really nice !! It was very big , you need to go by car or motorbike . The good thing also , it was for free . After that , we visited a beach in Hualien , which was very beautiful . But the weather wasnt very good .

Con Dylan , en Hualien .
With  Dylan  .

At night , we visited the night market , which was my favorite in Taiwan . It wasnt very big but it looked like very local place . Food was delicious , as always in Taiwan .  I didnt explore by myself in Hualien . I spent the most of the time with Sicai and her family .

Taroko National Park
Taroko National Park .


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