Taiwan : Taipei





Durmiendo en el aeropuerto .
Sleeping in the airport  .

The capital of Taiwan . Its a big city . Aproximately , 3 000 000 people . There are many skyscrapers and malls . Also , you can find authentic parts , where are all the signs in Chinese . There are many foreigners living in Taipei . It reminds me to Hong Kong , about prices , people can  speak English . Flats are very small , as Hong Kong living is expensive .


Con Sicai , en el metro de Taipei .
With  Sicai ,  metro  Taipei  .


 I got to the airport , I got my stamp without problems ,  I exchanged some money and I slept in the airport . It was very late ! It was very comfortable the airport , wifi and good seats for sleeping . In the morning , I went to the city and I met Sicai , a friend of mine , who I met in Germany .

Vista desde  Elephant Mountain .
Views from  Elephant Mountain .

I spent 3 days in Taipei . It was warm and rainy . In the mornings , I was doing touristic thing . The most famous , 101 building , a skyscraper , which is the second tallest in the world , after the one in Dubai . My favorite place was Elephant Mountain , its a small hill , where you can find great views from the city . Its a quiet place , where you can spend time , enjoying the landscape . I was cycling with Sicai around Taipei . Taiwanese people love cycling . We also visited Hot Springs , but the weather wasnt the best .

Comiendo betel
Eating  betelnut  .

At night , I  went  out , with Sicai and her cousin . We went to the night markets . Taiwanese food is delicious ! Noodle soups , tofu , I tried smelly tofu , which tasted really good . My favorite was dumplings . Also , I loved desserts and ice creams . From Taipei , I went to Hualien , with Sicai hitchhiking .

101 en Taipei
101 ,  Taipei .


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