Dumplings .
Dumplings .


Its not official a country yet , but its independent from China . To go to China , Taiwanese people ,  they need to pay for visa . Its amazing traveling around Taiwan . People are very hospitable and friendly . Taiwan is very small . There are short distances . A couple of weeks ,  its enough to visit the country . Obviously , if you can spend longer much  better .



Pasaporte de Taiwan
Taiwanese passport  .



Places for visiting are amazing ! Taroko National Park amazing place and  for free , kilometers and kilometers on the coast . Nice cities as Tainan and  Kaohsiung ! Taipei is the capital and business center . In Taiwan , you can find night market everywhere . My favorite night market was in Hualien . Taiwanese culture is about eating all the time as Chinese people . Taiwanese gastronomy is similar to Chinese . I loved the food , noodles soup , dumplings , tofu , peanuts sauce , sweet desserts and ice creams . There are 7 eleven everywhere , with free wifi .



Kebab taiwanes .
Taiwanese kebabs  .


Prices are expensive if I compare with South East Asia , transportation , acommodation and food everything more expensive  . You can spend little money with Couchsurfing , eating street food in local markets . Hitchhiking is very easy , I guess the easiest country that I have ever tried join to Indonesia and Thailand . Short distances , good roads and little time waiting for a ride on the road . People speak mandarin and different dialects as Hakka . Taiwanese people can speak little bit English , specially young people .



A dedo por Taiwan .
Taiwan hitchhiking .


One of my favorite things in Taiwan was cycling around . Its very usual cycling in Taiwan . Hualien , Kaohsiung , Tainan and Taipei . Taiwanese culture is similar to Chinese . But I guess , in my opinion , Taiwanese people are more friendly and open minded . It helps that they speak little bit English .



En bici por Taiwan .
Cycling around  Taiwan .



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