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Sarawak : Miri





Fuente , en Miri

Fountain  ,  Miri .


Miri is a small city . Aproximately , 300 000 people , in the state of Sarawak , in Malaysia . I got at night , from Bandar , the capital of Brunei . After a long day , Flo , a girl who I met in Brunei . She drove me until the border check point , very close to Miri . The day was fun , she showed me her hometown , Kuala Belait , in South of Brunei .



Nasi Lemak

Nasi Lemak .


I spent two days in Miri . The best thing , it was meeting Kate , a Thailand  girl , who guided me around the city with her friend . We went around Miri and also for local food .


Kate y sus amigos

Kate and her friends  .


There are  many local markets , in Miri  . It was nice to walk around . But the weather was warm . Last night , I slept  in a  Petrol Station . It was raining . So , I looked for a right place to cover from the rain . Next day , first day in the morning , I was on the way to Kuching ! It was a long way .


Saliendo de Miri

Miri hitchhiking   .