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Sarawak : Kuching





Rio , en Kuching

River  ,  Kuching .


Kuching is the largest city , in the state of Sarawak , in Malaysia . Aproximately , 700 000 people . Downtown was near seashore of the river . In the morning , you can see many people walking around but at night was almost empty . It took me 15 hours to get Kuching , I  was hitchhiking , 800 kilometers . I was lucky leaving Miri , a father and his son drove me until Sibu , half of the way . It was nice trip , they told me interesting things about the places that we were visiting with the car .



Durian .


They stopped to buy fruits , to make sure that I try all of them . Once , we got Sibu , they invited me for lunch , they bought me a marker and drove me to the toll road , where is easiest to ask for a ride .


Reponiendo fuerzas , camino de Kuching

On the way to  Kuching .


From Sibu , a couple drove me until Kuching , 7 hours trip . We were stopping to eat soemthing and talking about travels . When we got Kuching , they didnt let me sleeping in the bus station . They looked for a room for me in downtown .


Mezquita , en Kuching

Mosque  ,  Kuching .


Next day , I moved with Barry , where I spent 4 days , before flying to Kuala Lumpur .



Kolo mee

Kolo mee .


In the morning , I was going around , visiting local markets and eating local food . Kuching is great place for food . Its tasty and cheap ! People in Kuching can speak easily 3 languages , English , Chinese and Malaysian .



Rambutan .


At home , I spent time with Barry . He is really nice guy . But he was very busy . Everyday I enjoyed a small talk to him . His home was really nice place for staying . Nice views with the river .


Trasero del cerdo

Chicken butt  .


Last day , I went to the airport , walking . It took me two hours . There were no buses going there . Once , I got to the airport , I flew to Kuala Lumpur .


Mercado , en Kuching

Market  ,  Kuching .




Thursday 19th of March 2015

Never regret to try eat Durian. Haha


Thursday 19th of March 2015

I really like it !


Friday 27th of February 2015

oh i looking so forward to asian food :)


Friday 27th of February 2015

I love Asian food !!