Indonesia : Jakarta




Hardi , cocinando .
Hardi , cooking  .


I got Jakarta , by train , from Yogyakarta . I was sleeping the whole trip in my seat . When I left train station , it remind me India . Many people sleeping around the terminal , it was very smelly . I went to South Jakarta , where my friend Hardi , was living .

Cafeteria de Hardi
Hardi´s coffee shop  .

I spent short time in Jakarta , a day and a half . I was waiting for my flight to Philippines . I had great time with Hardi . Hardi is fun and outgoing . He was living in his coffee shop . It was a nice place . The decoration was with photos and handcrafts . It was really nice to talk to Hardi . He introduced me his friends . I dont even visit the city . I took a look from the bus , on my way to the airport . Our main talk was about photography and traveling , also about our countries .

Con Hardi en Jakarta
With  Hardi ,  Jakarta .

Hardi was very humble . We were sleeping on the floor . We dont even use a mattres . He drove me with his motorbike , until the bus stop . I said goodbye and I went to the airport , by bus ,  an hour journey . When you are gonna leave Indonesia , you need to pay taxes !! Its a negative surprised !! Sometimes , you dont even have local money and you need to exchange !

Jakarta .
Jakarta .

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