Indonesia : Yogyakarta





Cataratas , en Magelang .
Waterfalls  ,  Magelang .


I got by bus , from Surabaya . At 4 am , I was waiting for the sunset to go to my host place . I had a good breakfast , nasi goreng , fried rice with meat , egg and spicy , 25 cents of euro . Street food was the cheapest in Yogyakarta . My host , Noho , was very busy . He was working at home , as designer and also he was going out for work .


Magelang .
Magelang .

First day , I was walking around and eating local food . Its very nice place , and quiet . Many young people , tourists . I met Perrine , who I was traveling with ,  a few days , in Myanmar . We were talking about our trip after Myanmar and next destinations . While we were eating street food and also having juice . It was very warm !

Con Perrine en Yogya
With  Perrine ,  Yogya .


I moved with Rizky and his family . They picked me up from Yogya to Magelang , where they were living . The experience was amazing ! At home , you never get bored , his parents know how to speak English , his mom was teaching English to young people  . His mom cooks really good ! They love spicy food ! I remember zambal ,  hot sauce , It was   chili , which they mixed in the blender .

Camino de Machelang con mi familia en Yogya
On the way to  Magelang ,   Yogya .


Rizky was 22 years old , his sisters Putri and Tria were youngers . They made many plans for me . My favorite plan ,  was visiting waterfalls near Magelang . We went by motorbike , the landscape was amazing ! It was no touristic place . They dont even charge money to go inside .


Con Rizky ,  camino de las cataratas
With  Rizky  .


Sometimes we went by motorbike or by car . His father was also joining us . His mom was staying at home , cooking and teaching English . We went for the sunrise . A view point ,  in front of Borobudur temple , one of the most famous temples  in the world . The sunrise wasnt good , it was very foggy . We couldnt  reach a proper view for the temple . It was little bit far .

Foto de equipo
Team picture  .
Amanecer frente al Buruburu
Sunrise , in front of  Borobudur  .


We went for the sunset , in a volcano , near Yogya . We got late ahhahaha … Everytime we went out , it was fun . I tried local food , bakso , meatballs soup . Soto , chicken soup . Nasi goreng , fried rice . My favorite was sate , barbecue meat , I love when it was sharing with peanut sauce . I like Indonesian gastronomy ! Street food was very cheap .


Comiendo Bakso en Machelang
Eating  Bakso ,  Magelang .


I went to visit the students at her mom´s school . It was great experience ! But they couldnt speak English yet ! We spent a weekend in Yogya . We were going out around with the motorbike . I spent a week in Yogya . I left , very sad . But , I didnt have too much time . I left Yogya , by train , with Rizky , on the way to Jakarta . His family came to say goodbye to us , to the train station .

Probando habilidades en Machelang
Magelang .




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