Indonesia : Surabaya




Surabaya .
Surabaya .

My first stop in Java , it was Surabaya . The second largest city , in Indonesia  . Aproximately , 6 000 000 people . Too much traffic and noisy . My way to get Surabaya was long , from Bali . My first ride , I got ,  helping them to push the car . They couldnt start the car , so we were pushing and when the car started , they offered me the ride .

Camino de Surabaya
On the way to  Surabaya .

In a traffic light , I stopped a truck . The driver and his assistant invited me to get on the truck . I spent , 24 hours with them . I was so lucky ! Direct to Surabaya ! They were stopping for lunch , coffeee , taking  shower . Food was amazing during the trip . I tried things that I never saw again , in Indonesia .

Reponiendo energias
With the truck drivers .

The trip was so fun ! I was lucky , I got for free from Bali to Java , by ferry , inside the truck  . The trip was short , around 30 minutes . Its the first time that I got a free ferry hitchhiking . When we got Java , we stopped on the way for sleeping , inside the truck . We were very tired !

Saben de tecnologia en Indonesia
Tecnology  ,  Indonesia .

 When we were closed to Surabaya , they contacted with Fauzi , my host . When I tried to reach his place , I got lost . I showed the address to the bus driver and he stopped in the wrong place . So , I met a family , who invited me for lunch , while they were trying to contact with Fauzi . Whinny , who can speak English perfect , picked me up to her place , until Fauzi picked me up , with his motorbike .

Haciendo amigos al llegar a Surabaya
Making new friends , Surabaya .


Fauzi and me  were talking , about tavel mostly . He showed me his place and his animals . We were around the city . He guided me ,  with his motorbike and walking around .


Con Fauzi en Surabaya
With  Fauzi ,  Surabaya .

Fauzi was so nice , friendly and hospitable with me . He brought me breakfast to bed , before working . I was doing tourist thing in the morning  around Surabaya  . At night , I moved with Martin , to Mojokerto , for a muslim wedding . Mojokerto was an hour trip ,  by bus ,  from Surabaya .

Cenando , Surabaya .
Having dinner  , Surabaya .

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