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Muslim wedding


Boda musulmana en Mojokerto
With  Martin and  family  … Muslim wedding  ,  Mojokerto !

We got Mojokerto at night , with Martin , by bus .  Martin is very friendly and happy guy . He introduced me his family . At the beggining the wedding , its gonna be in two days ! Next day , Martin woke up , 5 am , for praying . In Java Island people are very religious . He told me that the wedding was gonna be in a few hours . So we were in a hurry . We went for a haircut . I dressed with my best clothes , they didnt demand too much , just long trousers was enough .

Boda en Mojokerto
Muslim Wedding  ,  Mojokerto .

It was a muslim wedding and really nice . Familiars were dressed with their best clothes , rest of the people , were more casual . They took me many pictures , because of my condition of foreigner . The religious ritual was so nice and very fast ! I have been in weedings more than an hour in church .

Viveres en la boda
Feast  .

If I compare muslim wedding , with Spanish . Its different , about food , you can eat everytime , even while they are getting married . In Spain , everything is scheduled . About drinks , you dont have ,  in muslim weddings , while in Spain , you can drink as much as you want to after teh ceremony  .  The best food that I tried was sate , meat barbecue with peanut sauce and rice . It was delicious !! The wedding was very quiet ! People were so friendly with me ! It was a great experience !

Una mas de la boda
Muslim wedding  .



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