Indonesia : Lombok




Tomando cafe , en Mataram .
Having coffee  ,  Mataram .

I got by plane from Perth with Gonzalo . Just got the airport , Visa on arrival , a month , 30 AUD . When we left the airport , taxi drivers were offering us and tourists package . We asked for the bus ,  it was every 3-4 hours . So we decided to hitchhike to Mataram !!

Con Gonzalo a dedo por Lombok
With  Gonzalo , hitchhiking  .

Its the first time that I hitchhike from the airport . Its very easy hitchhiking in Indonesia . We didnt stay more than 5 minutes waiting for a ride . Matarm is a big city . Aproximately , 1 000 000 people . The truck driver dropped us into the city . We asked for a car , which was stopping in the traffic light , if he knows the address and he finally drove us to  our host´s  place  .

Con Hery y su familia
With  Gonzalo , Hery and his   family  .


In Mataram , Hery and his family , hosted us . We spent two days . Many cars , the weather was warm and at night many mosquitoes . We visited the city with Hery the first day . We were walking around and he was explaining about the country and the city .

Desayuno en Mataram
Breakfast ,  Mataram .

People cant speak English , but they taught us a few words in Indonesian language . Hery ´s aunt cooked so good ! She was cooking for us and she didnt stop smiling ! As tourist thing , there arent many things to do in Mataram  ! A few local markets to try Indonesian food !

Templo cercano a Seggingi
Temple ,  Senggigi .


We visited , with Hery´s uncle , Senggigi . First we took pictures in front  of the temple and later we watched the sunset , which was so nice ! He couldnt speak English , but we managed to understand each others . After the sunset , we visited his family and we had coffee with them .

Puesta de sol en Senggigi
Sunset ,  Senggigi .


Next day , we left Mataram in the morning , after a delicious breakfast  . We said goodbye to the hospitable family . We hitchhiked to Gili Island , to Trawangan , backpacker Island .

Con los tios de Hery
With  Hery´s uncles  .



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