Indonesia : Gili Trawangan


Gilli Trawangan

Gili Islands .
Gili Islands .
We hitchhiked from Mataram . It was difficult to go out the city . But, little by little we did . Until two european girls , who were traveling with local guys , drove us until the port . Foem the port , a small boat to get Gili Trawangan .

En Gilli Tarawan
Gilli Trawangan  .
We got a room and we went for a walk . We met two friends , who were traveling in Laos and Vietnam . Nobody want to miss this amazing place ! At night , party was very quiet . Everybody in a reggae bar , where it was a concert .

Autostop Gili Islands .
Hitchhiking  Gili Islands .
Gili Islands are very touristics . Beaches with white sand and clear water . The views opposite a volcano and jungle . Prices arent very expensive . The most expensive thing is beer , 80 % muslim . By the way , local beer is not vey good .

Atardecer en Gilli Tarawan
Sunset  ,  Gilli Trawangan .
The most beautiful was the sunset . It was amazing !! We got beautiful colors . We spent two days in the Island . Its a perfect place for resting and relaxing for a while . To leave Gili , we did by boat until ferry terminal . From ferry terminal . we hitchhiked to next port to get a slow ferry to Bali .

Un simpatico camionero
Friendly truck driver  .
A truck driver , drove us very close to the port . He was very friendly and he asked to take a picture with us . Another car to the port , there were a family and they gave us very sweet fruits , that I couldnt see again in Indonesia . Thts the good thing hitchhiking !! The ferrry was very slow , so we were sleeping on the floor , until Bali .

Con Gonzalo y el camionero .
With  Gonzalo and the truck driver  .


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