Indonesia : Bali







Con Gonzalo a dedo .
With  Gonzalo hitchhiking  .


We got Bali by ferry and from Lombok , from the port , we hitchhiked until our host´s place . The first car stopped !! He drove us from the port until Seminyak . He was very friendly . He was the owner of the ferrys , going from Gili to Bali . He asked us , why we didnt get the ferry directly ? We told him , it was so expensive ! First night , we stayed at Peter´s place , in Seminyak  .

Monumento a las victimas del atentado en Bali
Memorandum , Bali  2002 .


Peter was friendly and nice first day . He drove us around Kuta , showing us touristic places . We rented a motorbike and we went to a hindu funeral .

Campos de arroz en Bali
Rice fields  ,  Bali .


We spent 3 hours going to the funeral , by motorbike . It was amazing !! The views , ricefields and beaches . Gonzalo and me was so surprised about the landscape .


En el funeral con , Gonzalo , Pitercito y Ovi
With  Gonzalo , Peter and Ovi .


In Bali , they celebrate the funerals . A religious ceremony , hindu style . All the people were sitting down and eating , having tea or coffee . It was an incredible experience ! At night , they were offering to the deads . There were many people ,many families were celebrating at the same time . At night there were people dancing in the ceremony . Ovi and her husband were really nice with us , they provided food and they rented a room for us .

En el funeral en Bali
Funeral ,  Bali .


The best thing that we tried in the funeral was luwak coffee . It was so tasty ! Its the second most expensive coffee in the world . Its coming from the animal , with the same name , from the pooh of the animal , who is cautive to make the coffee . Its amazing traveling ! How many new things , you can learn , everyday !

Comida tipica en el funeral
Typical food ,  funeral


We went back to Seminyak , by  motorbike . We gave back the motorbike . We hitchhiked until , Lulu´s place , our next host . She was living with her son  , Ian , 17 years old . She was very friendly , fun and generous . Her place was a paradise ! We were very tired of traveling and working hard in Australia . So we just got relax ! We spent a week with Lulu and Ian .


Bali .
Bali .

We visisted Tanah Lot , the most tourist temple in Bali . Its a temple , which is inside the sea . At sunset , you can see completely , during the day is covered with water ,from the  sea . We did a trick to go inside Tanah Lot . We went with the motorbike in the wrong direction , to the exit . So it means , we got inside for free and we avoid to pay the parking also . We did many times this trick in Thailand and Cambodia , go inside for the exit and nobody is watching ! It was really nice place !! Views are amazing !! But it was full of people !

Vistas , Tanah Lot .
Views  , Tanah Lot .

 We hung out in Kuta Beach , the most touristic place in Bali . Lulu organized a barbecue at her place , with her friends . Most of them were local people and some foreigners . We cooked a Spanish omelette ! We went for a day trip with Lulu and  Ian , to King Palace . We were a few people , we visisted beaches and rice fields .

De excursion por Bali
Daytrip ,  Bali .

An interesting thing !! We went for dinner ,  in Kuta Beach . It was a buffet restaurant , 5 AUD . That place included an hour , free drinks , just for foreigners . To local people , not only they couldnt get free drinks , but also they were forcing to pay to go inside  . So we left inmediately !

Visita al Palacio Real
King Palace  .

Ian introduced us to the local street food in Bali . He was very hospitable and polite . When Lulu finished working , we usually cooked at home and having beers .

Con Ian , Lulu y la tortilla de papas
With  Ian , Lulu and Spanish omelette  .


 After 10 days in Bali . I left the Island , on the way to Java Island . I left Gonzalo , after two months ,  traveling and working together  . This is traveling , different way !!

Tanah Lot
Tanah Lot .


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