Philipphines : Puerto Galera

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Puerto Galera

Relax , Puerto Galera .
Relax , Puerto Galera .

From Manila , we took a bus to Batangas , where the ferry left   to Puerto Galera  . As we got at night to Batangas  . There were no more regular services and they were offering private transportation .  Like Rachel thought was expensive the offers , we finally ended sleeping in the port . It was first time that I was sleeping in the port . Obviously , it wasnt last one , in Philipphines .

White Beach en Puerto Galera
White Beach ,  Puerto Galera .


Next day , first thing in the morning . We went to Puerto Galera . Two hours by boat , the trip was very quiet . We went to Amihan´s place . She was living in a new house , with amazing views . She was very hospitable . She was working in a school where the students , suffered sexual abuse . She saw us the school , classroom , common space . They were selling handcrafts , shirts , paintings to finance themselves .

Vistas desde la casa de Amihan
Visews , from  Amihan´s home  .


The kids played theatre twice , about sexual abuse . After the play , they told us about his experiences with sexual abuses . It was so interesting , to hear it , from them .

Atardecer en Puerto Galera
Sunset  ,  Puerto Galera .

We spent the morning and afternoon in the beach . We enjoyed the sunset , which was amazing ! At night , we usually spent time with Amihan , for dinner , for a beer .

Atardecer , en Puerto Galera .
Sunset  ,  Puerto Galera .

We visited waterfalls , which wasnt easy to reach . But we finally got . It wasnt anything special . We didnt bring money and they allowed us to go for free . Filipino people are really nice .

Cataratas en Puerto Galera
Waterfalls  ,  Puerto Galera .


Beaches in Galera were very beautiful . White sand and blue clean water . My favorite was teh sunset . Pictures were amazing ! At night , in White Beach , the party was very quiet and it was ending soon . Not many tourists at this part of the island , the most of them were old people with local girls .

Salida nocturna con Amihan y Rakel
With  Amihan and  Rachel , having beer  .

 From Puerto Galera , we went back to Batangas and after that to Manila by bus . Where we said goodbye . It was really nice experience traveling with a local girl . Rachel is fun and cheerful , you never get bored with her .

Con Rakel en Puerto Galera
With  Rachel ,  Puerto Galera .



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