Philipphines : Manila





Corte de pelo ! Menos de  1 USD .
Haircut ! Less than  1 USD .


I tried to reach Manila , hitchhiking . But at the toll road , the police didnt allow me to hitchhike . He offered me money for the bus and I said no , but he finally gave me money for the bus . People think that police are corrupts . Its not first time that something like that happen to me .



Vista desde casa de Benz ... Piso 30
Views , Ben´s home  …  30th floor !


Benz , from Thailand , was my host in Manila . He was living and working in the capital of Philipphines . He was living 30th floor . It was so scary ! It was luxury place , with swimming pool , air acondition !  I couldnt spend too much time with Benz .



Haciendo amigos en Manila
Making new friends .


Manila , there are 20 000 000 people . Its very busy , markets , cars , street food everywhere . A big city , which is extended outside …



Chinatown en Manila
Chinatown ,  Manila .


I spent short time . I didnt like Manila . In the morning , I was walking around and I visited Chinatown . Its very big and interesting , specially about food .



Intramuros con Rakel
With  Rachel ,  Intramuros .


We visited Intramuros , the most touristic part . It was colonial , with churches , typical pedestrian streets . We took some pictures and we visited a fort , which had really nice views .



Vista desde el Fuerte en Intramuros
Views from the fortress  ,  Intramuros .


Manila , the most of the time , was for changing buses . To go to the airport . I didnt feel like visiting , I prefer a quiet place !



Bus a Manila .
With Rachel , bus to  Manila .


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