Sisig comida tipica de Angeles en casa de Rakel
With  Rachel , Sisig , typical food in Angeles  .


Just get Philipphines , you feel good , friendly people . Most of the people can speak English . It was Spanish colony , until 1920 . Due to Tagalo , official language in Philiphines , it has many words are the same than Spanish . Architecture is very similar . Sometimes reminds me Central America , because of the Malls . Before going inside the Mall , they do a security check . Visa is 30 days for FREE . Its not usual to get free visa in Asia . Instead buses , there are jeepneys , a mix of bus and limousine . Its very cheap , with an euro , you can take 7 jeepneys . About religion , 90 % population are christian  .



Jeepney en Filipinas
Jeepney  .


The weather is hot , people dont usually walk . They go by jeepney or motorcycle . They are the latinos in Asia , look like ,  closer to South America than to Asia .  An interesting thing ! I saw many number plates for registration . I dont know how long do they have to register .



Pendiente de registrar .
For registration  .


For traveling in Philipphines is very easy . Transportation is very cheap , hitchhiking is working good . Landscapes are amazing ! Beaches are very touristic place and prices are more expensive . A thing that I  loved in Philipphines , it was  the sunset .




Halo-Halo .


Most of the food is from pork , mixing with rice , thats very cheap in street food . Halo-halo is they typical ice-cream , in Philipphines . The food , its called , almost everything in Spanish language . So , its easy to understand .



Filipinas .
Philipphines  .



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