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Philipphines : Angeles




Rachel y Han .

Rachel and  Han .

 Its a samll city . Aproximately , 200 000 people . The flight from Hong Kong , it landed at Clark airport . North of Philipphines , in Luzon . There are many islands in Philipphines . there are some different dialects . In Angeles , they speak Pampangan . There arent many things as tourism thing  . The best are local markets and street food . Its very cheap , coming from Hong Kong and Macau , specially food , clothes and transportation .



Cocinando mi tortilla de papas en Angeles con Rakel

With  Rachel , cooking my Spanish omelette  .


My host Rachel , with her son Han , a year and a half . In Angeles , I spent 5 days , first time . After that , I was living a few months with Rachel and Han . Angeles its famous , because of Walking Street , full of bars and girls . There is a lot sexual tourist , specially old foreigners , looking for young girls .



Sisig .

Sisig .


Gastronomia filipina .

Filipino Gastronomy .



Mami  .

Mami .


The routine in Angeles was based in Han schedule . Breakfast and playing at home with Han . In the afternoon , I went for a run , to a Memorial Park . At night the plan was going , with Rachel and Han , to the market . Going out with her friends  ! As Darby , a friendly and fun  guy , who also loves traveling .



Con Darby y Han .

With  Darby and  Han .


Filipino people love going out for eating . Also they love drinking in the street at night . They join tables and drink , gambling , watch TV . With Darby , we usually went out for dinner , having beer . We made fun videos , with Rachel and Darby .






Estirando musculos .

Stretching  .


Angeles has a new part , where there are foreigners . I dont like too much that part , with the Mall and many bars and restaurants . But at night , its full of people . Its amazing , in Angeles , you can find public transportation 24 hours .




Haciendo deporte !

Running !



Food is very cheap in Philipphines . The best lechon , a young pig and sisig , ears pork . I tasted balot , just once , it was tasty . Also one of my favorite was palabok . Fruits are really good and cheap , as mango and papaya .


Comiendo balot en Walking Street

Eating  balot ,  Walking Street .






Saturday 23rd of April 2016

Funny but somehow true video! :) thanks for reading my blog once in a while and yes I do the same. You've been to a lot of places, well done!