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Guangzhou .
Guangzhou .

Its very big city , in the Province of Canton ,  South China . Aproximately , 12 000 000 people . Cantonese is the language , but they can speak mandarin . There are many foreigners . I spent 4 days . I was lucky with the weather , coming from Changsha winter , Guangzhou was 5 degrees at winter  .

Guangzhou de dia
Guangzhou .

My host was Karen , Chinese girl , who speaks good English . She was really nice , fun and talkative . My routine , in the morning , it was tourist thing . The best place , where I was living . It was an African and Arabic  town , they were selling African food  . There were nice parks and temples , as everywhere in China . There was a modern place , French style .

Templo . Memorial en Guangzhou
Memorial Temple ,  Guangzhou

I visited a couple of temples . A market , where they sell almost everything , telephone and accesories , street food . Everything was very cheap . I visited twice the market , one alone and the other with Karen .

Guangzhou de noche
Guangzhou at night  .


At night , I went to dance salsa with Karen , I realized that I forgot  my South American lessons . I didnt learn too much hahaha . Chinese people were dancing really good ! There were many foreigners .

Cocinando a Karen  en Guangzhou
Spanish omelette  ,   Guangzhou .

Karen was a little bit sad . She was coming from Taiwan for vacation . She was telling me that 10 days per year , its very little vacation . I told her , that she was right . She had been living in Dubai and she told me her experiences .

Haciendo turismo en Guangzhou
Walking around  Guangzhou .


Last day in Guangzhou , we were walking around the parks . Eating street food during the day . At night , I cooked a Spanish omelette and she cooked a    soup with fish and meat  .

Parque Publico en Changsha
Walking around the park ,  Guangzhou .


We went to buy to the market . An interesting thing in the market ! It was almost empty because of the avian flu . They werent selling chicken . An another interesting thing ! In China , they look very carefully the food but specially eggs . They have a light , to check them properly , to make sure that they are OK .

Le ponen una luz a los huevos para asegurarse que esta en buen estado , en China
A light , to make sure ,  that the eggs are ok  .


Guangzhou was my last destination , in my amazing Chinese experience  . From Guangzhou , I went by bus to Macau . It was my last day for my Chinese visa …

Tortilla de patatas .
Spanish omelette  .

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