China : Changsha City


Changsha city



Ciudad de Changsha
Changsha .


Its a big city . Aproximately , 7 000 000 people , in South China . It was very cold ! I I spent 3 days in the city . In Changsha , Mao Zedung grew up and studied .



Ciudad de Changsha
Changsha .


I came to the city from the countryside . I was lucky , Sunny´s brother  in law was going to the city and he drove me  until Liejung´s place , who was hosting me .  It was at 6 am . It was snowing ! The road was so bad , I got off twice  the car , to remove trees branch . It took us , more than an hour to reach the city . When we got Changsha , he called Liejung and she picked me up . We said goodbye , using sign language , it was hard  to communicate between us .



Nevada en Changsha
Snowing  ,  Changsha .


Liejung was living in a flat , in the city . There  was no heating . OMG ! Chinese people are so hard ! No heating , when the weather was maximun -2 degrees and minimum – 10 degrees at that time . The only thing that  we had to stay warm , it was tea !



Sobrina de Liejung
Making new friends .


I visited twice downtown  . Liejung was so friendly with me , it was hard to communicate , but sign language , translator and some words I knew in Chinese , plus her English vocabulary , we managed . The city was very authentic , you cant see many tourists . Many markets and street food . It was so cold ! Even in the mall ,  it was hotter than outside , but there was  no heating ! It was snowing everyday !



Haciendo turismo por Changsha con un par de amigos de Liejung
Walking around  Changsha .


Liejung introduced me her family and her friends  . Chinese people are very familiar . We were eating and playing with the kids . I was practising my Chinese . Eating a lot ! I dont know , why Chinese people are thin  . They eat a lot ! It was very fun !



Liejung y su sobrina en Changsha . Nevando!!
Snowing !!  Changsha .


In China , at least in the South , when you first meet someone . He is gonna offer you a cigarette . If you dont smoke , its better you recive and  keep than refuse and explain to them . You never get bored in China , with these things !!



Tipica cena en un restaurante chino en Changsha
Dinner in a  restaurant .


We went out for dinner . It was the typical Chinese restaurant  . There is a big soup , where you add the food . After two minutes , its gonna be ready for eat . Everything very tasty ! Mushrooms , meat , fish , yummy sauces . My favorite  was peanut sauce .



Karaoke con Liejung y sus amigas
With  Liejung and her friends  , Karaoke .


We went to a Karaoke , it was very strange ! Before getting inside , they bought water and they hid in their bag . Bottle of water ! This is China ! In Spain for sure , it would be something with alcohol ! They rented a room for singing . There are  drinks , chips , peanuts , fruits . Choose your song and sing ! This is the way that people have fun in Asia ! Its very different to Europe and South America !



Rico desayuno en Changsha
Noodles and  Dumplings.


Last day , I explored the neighborhood . I cooked a Spanish omelette , to say thanks for the hospitality . Liejung didnt want to taste , she thought that it was for me . Once , she tried the Spanish omelette , she asked for more . It was delicious !!


Comida callejera en Changsha
Steet food  ,  Changsha .


From Changsha , I went to Guangzhou by night train . It was second class ticket . I climbed in a bank and I slept the whole night . It was similar to India second class  . Many people without seat , but of course less crowded than in India  !


Comiendo tofu .
Having smelly  tofu .





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