Changsha : Countryside



Changsha countryside


Dumplings .
Dumplings .


Sunny and her family was hosting me . Sunny speaks good English , she was working as English teacher . She has been  living in London and Nigeria . She picked me up from Train Station , if not , its impossible to reach her place , first time . It was a small farm , where there are chickens , vegetables … She was living with her parents and siblings . The house was big and it was very cold .




Paisaje en el campo en Changsha
Countyside  ,  Changsha .


I spent 4 days in Changsha . The routine was , in the morning ,  breakfast .  After breakfast , I try to talk to someone to practice my Chinese or talking to Sunny . At 11 30 am , we started preparing lunch . My task was , pick some vegetables and clean them , sometimes take care of the fire . Lunch , it was always at noon time .



Desayuno en Changsha
Breakfast  ,  Changsha .


We had luch all together . The funniest thing , it was Sunny´s brother in law , he added me garlic at my plate . He was thinking that I dont like , but I love it . I was also adding him a little bit more . They treat you as a children , sometimes , they put food in your dish .



Los padres con el bebe
The baby  .


At 6 pm , it was dinner time . My task was the same , cut vegetables . After dinner , Sunny was always bringing me hot water in a bucket , to wash my face , my hands and my feet . It was so good !! There was no heating and it was freezing !



Jugando a Majong con Sunny
With Sunny , playing  Majong .


Last thing during the day was playing Majong , a Chinese entertainment  game . I played just two days . They were gambling and they were playing so fast . It was fun , to watch them playing . They were having great family time .



Cocinando Dumplings
Cooking  Dumplings .


They taught me , a serie of rules for countryside . The basics were : if someone give you something , you need to get it , with two hands , I always added  and smile and thanks . Chinese people were giving me away , things the whole time . Even you can serve yourself , they were enjoying giving to you .



Con mi familia en Changsha
The Family ,  Changsha .


When you make a toast , your glass should be , under the other glass you are toasting with , that it means that you respect him . Also you need to stand up if he is standing . If he says gambei , it means cheers and he is looking to your eyes , that it means that you need to finish your galss ,  in one galp . Another rule was , you cant eat with the plate on the table , you need to hold with your hands , basically , the same things that they were doing .




Con Sunny en Changsha
With Sunny ,  Changsha .


One day at dinner , I toasted on someone and inside , one galp . OMG!! I didnt know , it was 53 degress alcohol . I had the shot burning my throat , a few minutes . Chinese people get drunk very easily .



Mao Zedung crecio y estudio  en Changsha
Mao Zedung , grew up and studied  in   Changsha .


Sunny told me about birthrate in China . If you live in countryside and your first kid , its not a boy , you can try another time , without paying taxes . If you dont , like the family , they were 3 kids , they were paying a lot taxes . In the city , you can only have one try , it doesnt matter if its a girl or a boy . Her family , liked Mao Ze dung very much , the famous comunist . Her parents had flags and pictures at home , but Sunny  didnt like him .




Con el cunyao de Sunny
Sunny´s brother in law  .



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