China : Yangshuo





Yangshuo ,    Li River  .


Yangshuo is 60 kilometers , South to Guilin . Its one of the most touristic places in China . There is River Li , which is amazing . A little bit similar to Halong Bay , in Vietnam . Downtown was very busy , it was Chinese New Year . Pedestrian streets were full of people . shops , street food , restaurants . I went by bamboo boat around River Li . I tried to join someone in the boat , to pay less money . But they didnt let me ! I had to go by myself !!

Rio Li
Li River  ,  Yangshuo .

As I know these touristic places , I said ,  before paying 90 yuang , an hour , right ? It was no problem at the beginning . But after 15 minutes , he stopped and he told me , more money or I will be back . I was complaining , he was saying , ting bu dong ! I cant understand in Chinese ! So , I stood up in a rush , very angry ,  he continued paddling  down the river .

Rio Li en Yangshuo
Li River  ,  Yangshuo .

The River is very beautiful . Bad thing , the river was full of tourists , sometimes it was difficult to take a picture . The weather , wasnt the best at that time , landscape was amazing !!

Increible paisaje en el Rio Li
Amazing landscape  ,  Li River  .


When I finish the boat trip , I call a friend , who I met by couchsurfing , he took me for luch with his students . The students , were learning English and they wanted to practice , I dont know , if Im the best for that . A girl , showed me the city , its very nice around themountains ,  we took some pictures . At evening , I left Yangshuo , to get a bus to Guilin again . The bus , it lasted an hour and a half . Yangshuo is the most touristic place in this part of China , around the mountains , with the river . Its amazing !!

Yangshuo .


Rio Li .
Li River  .




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