China : Guilin

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Tomando te , en China .
Having  tea  , China .

Once , I got the toll road , after saying goodbye to my  Chinese family . I went walking inside the road . A girl , asked me , where are you going ? It looked like , you cant go inside walking but I did and she didnt say anything . I  showed her a paper , which said , can you drive me for free , please ?

Guilin .
Guilin .

It was 160 kilometers to Guilin . First a couple , with a baby , drove me half of the way . They stopped in a really bad place , but I was lucky and I got another car very fast . He drove me until Guilin .  I tried to tell him , if he can call my friend , but he drove me to the airport , inside the bus , which was going to Guilin . The bus was little bit cheaper that train ticket hahaha . It was part of the game . But it was really nice experience , trying to practice my Chinese .

Pagodas .
Pagodas .

Once I got Guilin , I contacted with my friend Ching . Communication with Ching was difficult . But we could manage each other . Guilin is small , I mean for a Chinese city . There are many foreigners . I spent a couple of days . It was a quiet city . My favorite place , it was the Water System . Its really nice with the lights . A river with two pagodas and a bridge , everything with the lights . At night was amazing !! You can walk around the river , it was full of people . Downtown , there are many bars and restaurants and you can see people around there until late .

Comida en casa de Ching
Lunch at  Ching´s home  .


Ching was a familiar guy . He invited me to have dinner with his family . Food is really nice in China . Its not spicy ! Chinese people  are very hospitable and they are gonna add food in your plate , until you say Chi pao la , it means , Im full .

Enemigos intimos
Japanese and Chinese  .


Ching was living with a friend and his grandfather , 88 years old . His granfather was very friendly , he was talking to me all the time … I guess , he realized that I couldnt understand anything . He looked like so happy !!

88 primaveras!! El abuelo de Ching
88 years old !! Ching´s granfather  .


I quit hitchhiking in China , because of the weather , short time in the country  and big distances . From Guilin , I went to Changsha by train . Its great experience traveling by train !  People cant  fit in the waiting room ,  you have only 15 minutes since ,  the doors open  to get on the train . So , you can imagine , people are in a hurry !!

Haciendo fila para el tren
Waiting for the train  .


Water System en Guillin
Water System , en Guilin .

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