China : Chinese New Year



 Chinese New Year  :  Liuzhou


Durmiendo en un coche
With  Mati , sleeping in the car  .

We got Liuzhuo , at night , after a long and an  amazing day trip , from Vietnam hitchhiking . Ying , introduced us her family and she drove us to a hotel . Like my friend Mati didnt want to spend money in a hotel , we finally end our first night in China , sleeping in a car . I think , its the first time that I sleep in a car , outside Spain .



Sopa de noodles superpicante
Spicy noodle soup  .


They took us for dinner , a typical noodle soup . It was so spicy ! They showed us the night market , everything with lights , because of New Year . Its similar to Christmas . They went to sleep in the hotel and we slept in the car .



Turismo con Ying y Shan
With  Ying and  Shan .


In the morning , a little tourist thing in the city . Parks are very nice in Liuzhou . Liuzhuo , its an industrial city . Aproximately , 3 000 000 people . Its not very touristic place .



Mercado nocturno en Lizhuo
Night Market  ,  Liuzhou .


It was fun spending time with the girls ! But it was really hard to communicate with them . Mati and me we were laughing , when we cant understand each other . Sometimes , you lose your patient .



En un parque chino con Mati y Shan
With  Mati and  Ying .


In the afternoon , we went to visit her family for New Year . Her mom , was very friendly . She cant speak English but she was teaching us Chinese . Our Chinese vocabulary was very basic to communicate .


Cenando en Fin de Anyo
Having dinner , New Year . .

They were living outkirts of the city  , very humble place . The typical comunist flat , all of them are same . In South China , Turkish toilet , its a hole on the floor .

Cataratas artificiales en el alumbrado chino en Liuzhuo
Artificial Waterfalls  ,  Liuzhuo .


It was Horse Year , every year , they put a different animal . So , they were selling paintings with horses everywhere . I guess , it brings good luck ! We had many questions , but lack of language , left  us without answer . The lights were very nice in Liuzhou  ! They made wish , with a comet ! They put fire at teh bottom  and fly the comet  !

Pidiendo un deseo en Liuzhuo
Making a wish ,  Liuzhuo .


At midnight , there were fireworks everywhere . Shops and markets were closed . Chinese people , spend New Year with their family .

Iluminacion de Fin de Anyo en Liuzhuo
New Year lights  ,  Liuzhuo .

Rest of the days . The routine was breakfast , very tasty , milk with oats and bakery . At noon luch , it was always on time . After lunch , we were going for a walk to the park . Later dinner , and a night walk in the city , to see the lights .

Tipico arbol decorativo en China
Typical tree for New Year  ,  China .

 We cooked Spanish omelette . It was hard to find the ingredients , everything was closed . Mati and me , had a couple of beers to say goodbye . We had different way in our trip .

Foto en familia .
Chinese family  .

We went to say goodbye to Mati , to the Train Station . After that , we went to the office , where  the husband was working and they showed me the Tea ceremony . It was very interesting ! They boiled the water , they passed twice in the tea and after that ,  you can have the tea . They have tea and make noisy . So , I was doing the same . When , its not tasty any more , they change the tea ! They have tea very warm !

Ceremonia del Te Chino
Chinese tea ceremony  .
Chinese food was so good ! Too much food at that time . They enjoyed our Spanish omelette as much as we enjoyed all the food that we tried  .
Apetitosa comida China
Chinese food  .

 Last day , my Chinese family drove me , to the toll road , where I hitchhiked to Guilin . It was very sad to say goodbye to the family . But , I didnt have too much time in China ! Visa issue ! You need to follow your way …

Primera tortilla de papas en China
First Spanish fomelette , ofr Chinese people  .



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