Vietnam : Hanoi and Halong Bay



Hanoi and  Halong Bay

La tranquila Ciudad de Hanoi
Hanoi .

The capital of Vietnam . Its crazy , many motorbikes and very noisy . Aproximately , 7 000 000 people . The weather was nice during the day  , 20 degrees , but cold at night , 5 degrees . I spent 8 days . I was applying for the Chinese Visa and I was checking how to go to  Halong Bay . A few days , I stayed at Van´s place , a friend of Tuan , from Da Nang  . Van was living in a disabled community . Phuong was taking care of Van , 24 hours , always smiling .

Con Van y Phuong en un Mercado Local
With  Van and  Phuong , Local Market  .


Just got Hanoi , I applied for Chinese Visa . They gave , 20 days , when I was planning 30 days . So my plan trip , it changed a little bit .

Lago en Hanoi
Lake ,  Hanoi .


I had fun with Van and Phuong . It was close to Tek , Vietnamese New Year . We were having dinner all together in his flat . After dinner Karaoke . I first tried dog meat , it was little bit dry . For Vietnamese people , its very common eat dog meat .


Cenando con mis amigos en Hanoi
Having dinner with my friends  ,  Hanoi .
Carne de perro
Dog meat  ,   Vietnam .


In the morning , I visited the touristic places with Gonzalo and his friends . They were staying in a hostel , where I moved after a few days . The hostel was 5 USD , breakfast included and free beer . A barrel of beer everyday . You can have 10 beers if you want to … French people , Canadian , Mati , Argentinan guy , who came with me to China and Gonzalo . All of us ,  were going to Perth for working after South East Asia .



Mausoleo de Ho Chi Min
Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum ,  Hanoi .


The routine in the hostel : in the morning , we woke up 9 45 m , to have breakfast , it was until 10 am . After that walking around , until lunch time . Everybody for lunch in a street place , an old friendly woman . She served rice , with 4-5 things to share , for 1 USD . Hanoi is little bit more expensive than the other places in Vietnam . At 5 pm , in the hostel , they opened the barrel . So , when we finished the barrel to have dinner  and going out little bit for a beer . Around 2-3  am , we usually came back to the hostel .


Halong Bay en Vietnam
Halong Bay ,  Vietnam .


Hanoi , its close to Halong Bay and Sapa . So , the Tours are organized from here . Backpacker area is very big and full of people . Outside touristic places , Hanoi is really nice . There are many lakes , Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum , temples , many interesting places to visit .



Halong Bay foto en familia
Halong Bay , family picture  .

We went to Halong Bay , its one of the wonders in the world . We did a day trip !  Its amazing !! You never get tired to take pictures . Landscape its great !! But , its so touristic !! I went with Gonzalo , and his family and Mati . We had fun ! It was our last day in Vietnam , Gonzalo keep traveling with his family and me and Mati leaving to China .

La Bahia de Halong
Halong Bay .

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