On the way to China



On the way to  China



Pagoda , en Hanoi .
Pagoda ,  Hanoi .


I went with Mati , from Argentina , great  guy ! We took a bus to Lang Son ,  from Hanoi . It was close to Chinese border check point . In the bus station , they told us that there arent avalaible tickets . So we went inside and we asked bus drivers , until one of them told us come here !

Camino de la frontera con Vietnam
On the way to  Vietnam .


In the middle of the road , the bus driver stopped another bus and dropped us there . He made a business . We paid 150 000 VDONGS and he pàid 100 000 VDONGS for both   . It was 3 times cheaper than the backpacker area … Landscape was great ! Amazing rice fields ! Typical trees  that they have for New Year , with pink flowers .  Vietnamese people were selling thousands of those trees in the road !

Arbol decorativo para el Tek
Typical tree ,  Tek , Vietnamese New Year  .

We got Lang Song , 25 km far from the border check point . Wer hitchhiked a little bit . Finally , we stopped in the closest town to the border . We asked , at random , in a house . If we can put the tent outside . And a  girl , 18 years old , told us , come in and sleep here . Amazing Vietnamese people !! She couldnt speak English , but she  understood us .

Recibiendo el carinyo de la gente en Vietnam
Making new friends  ,  Vietnam .

She called her friends and they went with us to walk around the town and having  dinner . One of her friends had a good English . She invited us to her family´s home . It was very beautiful house . They gave us typical sweets and tea . It was very similar to Spanish sweets in New Year . They invited us to spend Tek with them , but we already accepted spent Chinese New Year , which was at the same time . Her father invited us to drink whisky , just a little bit . 21 years old whisky !! OMG !! It was so good !! Long time that I didnt try whisky ! With a shot like that , you dont need to brush your teeth !!

Recibiendo hospitalidad antes de salir de Vietnam
Family time  ,   Vietnam .


In the morning , when we woke up , we still had the whisky flavour in our mouth  !! We woke up very early and before leaving , our friends brought breakfast for us . A  tasty noodle soup and they bought soda , for our way to China . When you have experiences like this  , you dont want to come back to the hostels anymore !! The best experiences , you always find , when you arent wating for them .

Zona mochilera en Hanoi
Backpacker  ,  Hanoi .

In the touristic places in Vietnam , they are looking for your money . In my opinion , based in Hanoi´s  experience . Asking how long ?? Where are you going next ? Im selling the Tour … I didnt see that they say goodbye properly to people , that they stayed for a week in  their hostel  . This is not common in South East Asia ! With the Tours , everyday , I saw people were complaining about the Tour , they promised things that they didint do . Always fighting , they never said sorry !! So the best , its getting the cheapest tour . If you buy more expensive , maybe , you are gonna stay with the people that they bought the cheapest , but you paid double price . Theses things dont usually like to the people .

Ultimo desayuno , en Vietnam .
Last breakfast  ,  Vietnam .

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