Vietnam : Hue




Ciudad Amurallada en Hue
Hue .

Hue was very close to Da Nang , 100 kilometers . A couple of hours by bus . My friend Ngoc , drove me , with his motorbike to the Bus Station . The bus driver  was  asking me 100 000 VDONG for the bus  , Vietnamese currency . When I knew , it was 55 000 . I told them , but there was no way . I had to go the window and ask for the ticket and come back to the same bus .

Gastronomia vietnamita .
Vietnamese Gastronomy .

Hue is very touristic place . Aproximately , 1 000 000 people . It was an Imperial City , one of the most touristic places in Vietnam . Vu , my host , picked me up from the bus station . I was lucky , his home was awesome , hot water , very clean , luxury place …

Lujo de casa para un gamin
Luxury place  .

The house was very clean , he was obsessed with cleaning . For me , thats perfect ! When you are traveling and you see a place like this one . It feels so good !!

Ciudad Imperial en Hue
Imperial City  ,  Hue .

I visited the Imperial City , it was good . At the beginning , the entrance and first room really nice . But after that , I didnt like too much . It wasnt very big and it wasnt for free . I visited a Pagoda , it was 4 kilometers away from downtown . It was nice walk and nice place !

Pagoda en Hue
Pagoda ,  Hue .

In the morning , I used to have Banh Mi for breakfast . Its always selling for old woman . They try to increase the price many times . So , I usually look for the honest one . Also , I had really nice noodle soup in Hue .

Bahn MI
Bahn MI .

I was living half an hour walking from downtown . One day , I was going to the city and someone invited me for a tea and introduced me his family , but we couldnt understand each other really good  . I checked the prices to make a Tour . I didnt see another way to get the most interesting places about the War . I barguin the price and they removed my breakfast . Vietnamese people are very hard , in touristic places .

Trincheras en Vietnam
Vietnam .

They drove us to the Milytary Zone , where it was a museum . It was really interesting . You can see planes , helicopters . The bus was stopping everytime in every touristic place . It was a Tour !!

Rice fields , Vietnam .

 The best in the Tour , was Vinh Moc tunnels . Vietnamese people built the tunnels and lived there during 6 years to avoid the bombs . There were 17 births , inside the tunnels in 6 years . The tunnels were 23 meters deep and very close to the sea . It was amazing !!

Restos de bombas a la entrada de los tuneles de Vihn Moc
Rests of bombs ,  Vinh Moc .


Before going inside the tunnes , you can see rest of bombs . They had hidden gates . Inside , you can see , the small space that they have for family . There 4 stores , last one was for the food . Only for this place the tour was worthy . After the Tour , I got a night bus to Hanoi , my next destination .


Tuneles de Vihn Moc
Tunnels  ,  Vinh  Moc .



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