Vietnam : Da Nang


Da Nang

Da Nang
Da Nang .

Its a big city , its not touristic place . Aproximately , 1 000 000 people . Its in the coast ,  in  the middle of Vietnam . I got by bus from Nha Trang . My host were disabled people . I walked around 10 kilometers to reach their place . In the middle of the way , they invited me twice for a tea . They offered me a marriage , in one of the houses . It happened twice to me in Vietnam .

Mis amigos en Da Nang
My friends  ,  Da Nang .

 It was one of the best couchsurfing´s experiences . They could speak good English . All of them were Vietnamese people and disabled , except a girl , who was volunteering . They were very friendly , all the  time laughing and they were so interesting about people that they were hosting .

Mercado callejero , en Da Nang .
Street Market  ,  Da Nang .

I spent 4 days ,  in Da Nang , just a day doing tourist thing . I went , with a Chinese couple , to walk around . Bridges were really nice and the local markets , I really liked them . You cant see many tourists in this city , they usually go to Hoi An , 30 kilometers far from Da Nang .

Hablando sobre mi pais
Talking about my country  .

The most of the time , I spent with Tuan and Nham . Tuan was in wheelchair . We usually went for a walk everyday , to the University , to have coffee , to meet his family . Tuan is really nice guy . He introduced me his family , they were very friendly with me . His sister was dentist , and she offered to attend me . I didnt want to at the beginning but I finally accepted . She was really  nice .

Invitado en una fiesta de empresa en Da Nang
Having beer  ,  Da Nang .

When I left the dentist , there was a party for the New Year Vietnamese , Tek . I was taking pictures and the finally invited me for beer and dinner , they forced me to sing … They didnt let me leaving until beer was over . They were drinking hot beer and they were so drunk …

Me hicieron cantar ...
Singing  !!


In the mornings , I usually played ping pong . Vietnamese people  are really good in ping pong . I played with Tuan and he beat me . I was sitting in a chair to make equal the game , and I lost the game . It was very fun playing ping pong .

Jugando al Ping Pong en Da Nang
Playing  Ping Pong ,  Da Nang .

The weather wasnt the best to visit the beach . Nham drove me with her motorbike , but it was very windy . We were to a Feria all the people  , where they were selling clothes and Vietnamese products . It was very fun Da Nang , great experience !!

Playa en Da Nang
Beach  ,  Da Nang .


Coche de Autoescuela en Vietnam
Car driving school  ,  Vietnam .
Con mi amigo Tuan en Da Nang
With  Tuan .



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