Vietnam : Saigon




Con mi amigo Tuti en Saigon
With  Tuti ,  Saigon .

I got Saigon and I called Tuti , my host . Tuty was very hospitable , he drove with his motorbike to his home . He is student and he was living his sister . They gave me the bed for sleeping and they managed in the living room .

Comida callejera en Saigon
Street food  ,  Saigon .

I spent 4 days in Saigon . Its a big city . Aproximately , 9 000 000 people . The traffic is crazy , I ve never seen so many motorbikes . To cross the street , its easier than you can imagine . You need to cross and dont give a damn ! Downtown was interesting , skyscrapers and street food cheap and tasty . Tuti and his friends were guiding me in the city .

Museo de la Guerra Vietnam
War  Museum  ,  Vietnam .

I visited War Museum quite interesting , about the War against USA . They had many ilustrations about the war , injury  , dead people  … Also about the countries to make demostration against the war . The museum was very big .

Saigon .


Most of the plans were based in food . Tuti drove me around the city . The most beautiful place , it was near the river , specially at night . Vietnamese people used to buy food and enjoying the views around the river . During the day , it was warm but at night the weather was nice .

Bahnh mi .
Banh mi .

 In Saigon , I tried many Vietnamese dishes . So good !! Noodle soup for breakfast with meat , chicken , vegetables … Bahn mi , it was one of my favorite food . Its a sandwich , where you can add vegetables , meat or whatever . They were French colony , thats why , they have baguette for the sandwich . The price was just half USD . Food in South Vietnam is cheaper than in the North . You can find rice ,  adding  4-5 things , as vegetables , egg , meat  for less than 1 USD .

Tortilla de patatas para los Vietnamitas
Spanish omelette  .


I cooked a Spanish omelette for Tuti and his friends . They liked it ! We made a party , eating and drinking beer . Tuti was living very close to downtown . So , it was easy for me to go around . It was crazy go around with the motorbike in Saigon . At night , we used to watch a movie before sleeping .

Paseando por Saigon .
Around  Saigon .


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