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Nha Trang

Nha Trang
Views  , Nha Trang .

 I got Nha Trang from Saigon by bus . Nha Trang , its one of the most touristic places in Vietnam . Its a big city . Aproximately , 600 000 people . Its on the coast , the weather wasnt the best at that time , it was very windy . It was full of Russian people !  They get free visa for 3 months !

Con Quy y Annette
With  Quy and  Annette

My host Quy was very young , 19 years old . She was hosting at the same time ,  people from France , German , Australia …

Pescadores en la Playa de Nha Trang
Fishermen  ,   Nha Trang .

I didnt swim in the beach . Everyday were walking around the town . Quy was spending time with us . She was guiding us for local food and the city . The cheapest food that I found in Vietnam , it was near her University . I met Annette , a German woman , 57 years old . She was crazy , as a teenager , so fun ! You never get bored with Annette . We were walking around the city , market , trying local food .

Vistas desde el Sheraton
Views  , from  Sheraton Hotel .


We visited an Island , but the weather wasnt the best . We went to Sheraton Hotel , where you can see ,  great views from Nha Trang . I think , its first time that I stay in a luxury hotel . We could see the views from the beach and the city .

Mercado Central en Nha Trang
Central Market  , Nha Trang

Central Market was very big , but very touristic . Prices were expensive , Russian people bring too much money . I spent 3 days in Nha Trang , it was very fun . I enjoyed Vietnamese gastronomy and the city !!

Haciendo amigos .
Making friends  .

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