On the way to Vietnam



On the way  Vietnam

Laos .
Laos .

From Pakse , I went by local bus to Attapeu . I tried hitchhiking , but after two hours that nobody stopped , I decided to buy a bus ticket . On the way to Attapeu , the guy next to me , was providing me food and after that he fall asleep in my shoulders . This is very common in South East Asia hahaa … Attapeu is a small town . I asked , how to get Vietnam ,  after a couple of hours I found out .

Ricas sandias
Watermelon  .


I asked the price and the schedule  for the bus ticket , which was leaving from a hotel . I had the exactly money just for the bus and a little food . So , I managed , better I dont tell how , I will keep for myself . How I finally slept for free in a small chair in the hotel . The woman was so nice , she provided me water and bananas … I slept really bad , it was very noisy . Prostitutes  were living  , so they were going and leaving everytime and the gate was very noisy .


Pelota de bambu .
Bamboo  ball  .

Next day , first thing in the morning , I left Laos to Vietnam . It was 9 hours by bus , included crossing the border . There were no people on the road . Just as well , I didnt try hitchhiking . The border check point was in the middle of nowhere . When I got Vietnam , they gave me just 17 days , it was supposed 30 days . I have already paid , 65 USD , the most expensive visa that I have ever paid , just for a month . Finally , I got more days , but I didnt get 30 days . but I quit , nobody coudlnt understand me .

Instrumento Laosiano .
Laosian instrument  .

Just got Vietnam , you can realize a big shift !! Roads are much better , girlsdress more modern , too much contrast . In the first town , the bus stopped , all the passengers went down to a restaurant . A free buffet !! It was included in the price !! Really great food , it looked like a wedding ! WWhen you are traveling and you can see meat and fish at the same time , thats a luxury day !! The passengers got Vietnamese passport and all of them paid two euros to leave Laos and two euros to get Vietnam . They didnt ask me any money !!

Almuerzo en Vietnam
Lunch  ,  Vietnam .


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