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Vientian > Foto desde El Arco del Triunfo
Vientiane  .

The capital of Laos . Its the largest city . Aproximately , 700 000 people . I got by bus , from Luang Prabang , first thing in the morning ! I was feeling really bad ! I was bringing a diarrhea from Luang Prabang . I met Bocha , an Uruguayan guy , who I met in Luang Prabang . I was lucky that I could spend the morning with him . A few weeks later , he passed away in the Himalayas . His family had time to  go  there and  say goodbye to him . Hard time for all of them !! Its a pity , he was 21 years old … Always happy and smiling …

Buda Reclinado , Buda Park .
Sleeping Budha  , Budha Park .

I met Ferran a Spanish guy , who I met in Luang Prabang . All the travelers  follow same route !  We visited the city , there are  many temples around . Vientiane in my opinion , is very bored and  quiet capital . There was a market during the day and night , where you can get nice food . I spent 3 days in Vientiane , until I got better from my diarrhea .

Gamineando una cervecita en una boda
Wedding , Vientian  .


I visited the Arch of Triumph , great views !! It was saturday , we saw some weddings in the city . They saw us and they invited us for a beer .

Budha Park
Budha Park . ,  Vientiane  .

We visited Budha Park , 25 kilometers far from the city . Its really nice but its very small . There was a Sleeping Budha , in the seashore of Mekong River , very close to the border check point with Thailand . We went by bus and we came back hitchhiking . A woman drove us , until the market , in Vientiane . I went back to my hostel , I got my backpack and I left to Pakse , South Laos , by bus .

Buda Park .
Budha Park .

An interesting thing !! On my way to the Bus Station , I was  walking and suddenly , I saw a car lost his tire . It was very noisy and dangerous !! I got the tire and I gave to him when he stopped . It was an old drunk man with his grandson , who was crying . He couldnt speak English , but he was trying to say , if I can put back the tire . But I couldnt help him , he didnt have any tool in his car . So , I left to the Bus Terminal .

A dedo por Laos .
Hitchhiking ,  Laos .



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  • So sad for your friend Bocha. What happened to him in the Himalayas? Lots of strange happenings here. Your diarrhea, getting invited to a stranger’s wedding, hitchhiking in a woman’s car, a man with a lost tire….

    • Thats true ! Many things ! As a foreigner , is usual , in Asia , that they invite you in a wedding if they see you Laos , Vietnam and Thailand . My friend got altitude sickness in Himalayas . It was sad . Thanks!