Laos : Pakse and Champasak



Pakse and Champasak

Sunrise en Pakse
Sunrise  ,  Pakse .

Pakse was warm . A small city , in the South of Laos . I   got by bus and I crossed the city walking , to hitchhike to Champasak . A French guy , drove me until Champasak . Its a  small town , where was a khemer  temple similar to Angkor , in Cambodia . I spent a day in Champasak . I rented a bicycle and I went to visit the temple , which was 10 far from the town . The temple was small and the views with  jungle landscape . It was very nice and the weather very warm .

Vista desde el  Templo en Champasak
Views from the temple  ,  Champasak .


The visit lasted an hour . After that , I went back to the hostel and I enjoyed the Mekong River . The hostel was in the seashore . There was nothing to do there , just relaxing  . I tried to get information , how to leave next day ,  to 4 000 islands . Finally , I bought a touristic ticket , it was cheaper than try to do by yourself .

Rio Mekong
Mekong River  .

From 4 000 islands with Gonzalo , I went back to Pakse . First in a boat and later a van . We spent a couple of days relaxing in Pakse . First day , we went to the market and to watch the sunset , which was really nice .

Sunset en Pakse
Sunset  ,  Pakse .

We spent time , going around and in the hostel . The best in Pakse was the market and how cheap was the food .There was not too much to do in Pakse . We got information about  next destination , how to leave Pakse ,  I was going to Vietnam .

Mercado Local en Pakse
Local Market  ,  Pakse .

We woke up very early and we left to different way . We tried to hitchhike , but it wasnt working , it was so hard in Laos . Little traffic and people who stop , they tried to ask for money . But if you spend time , as everything in life , you will get .

Champasak .
Champasak .

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