Laos : Luang Prabang




Luang Prabang

El Rio Mekong
Mekong River  .

The most touristic place in Laos , with Mekong River . Its a very quiet and small city  . Many places for eating , temples , day trip to do . Almost all the people that visited Laos , they visit Luang Prabang . I got here ,  by night bus from Xuay , 15 hours . I spent 6 days in Luang Prabang , it was Christmas and I made the Vietnamese Visa .

Cataratas de Kuang Si en Luang Prabang
Kuang Si Waterfalls  ,  Luang Prabang .


The weather was very cold . I visited Kuang Si Waterfalls , the most touristic place in Luang Prabang . There is an hour long ,  by tuk tuk . Its very beautiful but its full of people . There was blue water , its amazing landscape !! There are also bears !! Another touristic thing in Luang Prabang was the Alms Giving Ceremony . The monks asked for food , first thing in the morning , barefoot . Some people gave them banana , rice , maybe money . In Luang Prabang was lazy time ! I was very tired at that time , I spent 4 days traveling , hitchhiking , by bus , many hours on the road to get Laos .



Bocadillo Laos Style
Sandwich  Laos Style .


The routine in the morning , it  was having breakfast with the people in the hostel  , Laos Style Sandwich and bakery . Later  resting  in the hostel . In the evening , we went to the night market . There was free buffet , just an euro . You can eat as much foos as you can put inside your plate . So , you had to do the best way to get full the plate . It was really good , fruits , rice , noodles ,     vegetables …


Cena de Navidad en el hostal
Christmas Dinner  .

In Christmas Dinner , we ate noodles , beers and we hung out . The bar , used to close  ” 11 30 ” pm . But , it was special occasion in Christmas ,  and they closed an hour later . This is Laos … hahahaa . Its very quiet !! People dont celebrate Christmas  , just in the hostels , because of the tourists .

Cataratas de Kuang Si .
Kuang Si Waterfalls  .

The best thing to stay longer in a place , its meeting people , resting … But time flights . For me , it was first time in this trip that I traveled by bus and staying in hostels . The bad thing , you cant get too much local contact , its totally different …

Luang Prabang .
Breakfast  ,  Luang Prabang .



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