Bandera de Laos
Laosian Flag .

Its a communist country , its very poor . Acommodation , transportation , food are very cheap . Roads are very bad , you need to across mountains . Buses are very old . Food was nice . My favorite was the sandwich , with baguette ,. I loved noodles  and you can also find rice , everywhere in Asia .

Bandera comunista .
Communist Flag  .

Street food was better than Cambodia , but not as good as Thailand . I didnt meet people asking for money , as beggars . In my opinion , people were very shy , if I compare with the countries around ,  in South East Asia .

Noodles .
Noodles .

Laos during the day , its amazing . Many plans to do . But at night , I think its not so fun ! Bars closed so early and everything is very quiet . In the North was  cold . But in the South , the weather was so nice .

Bocadillo Laosiano .
Laostyle  Sandwich .

The places that I visited were very touristic . It was quiet and cheap , in general . I think , one of the best choice , its traveling around Laos  by motorbike , lanscape its great , I spent many hours by bus , roads were very bad and distances were very long . When I tried hitchhiking was working really bad . Most of the people were asking for money and there are not many cars in the road .



Salud !!
Cheers  !!




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