Myanmar : Pha An



Pha An

Tipicas ofrendas a los monjes
Alms giving to the monks  .


Pha An is really nice town . There is a nice lake and its full of markets . I spent one day , eating and resting . I was traveling very fast in Myanmar . So , I was resting before starting to travel again . There was a balcony in the hostel , which was perfect for resting .

Deporte nacional , en Birmania .
National Sport  , Myanmar  .


I was with Perrine , she was gonna stay in Myanmar a few days more and I was gonna left to Laos . Food was very cheap , as everywhere ,  in Myanmar . I was going to Thailand , the road was block that day . Anyway , I had to wait for next day .

Camino de Pha An .
Hitchhiking to  Pha An .

We met a Russian guy , Alexander , in the hostel . We were sharing travel experiences . He was traveling longer and he showed us his pictures . In the afternoon , we were walking around the lake .

Mercado en Pha An
Market  , Pha An .


From Pha An , I left 5 am in the morning , on the way to Thailand . I went by pick up . While I was waiting for the departure , you know in these places until is not ful , its not leaving , I was trying to spend my last kyats , Myanmar currency . But people dont let me pay . They treated me twice .   I didnt feel like leaving Myanmar …

Rico desayuno birmano
Myanmar breakfast  .


It took me 7 hours to reach the border check point with Thailand . Two hours , the road was really bad crossing the mountain . It was very bumpy and dusty . But the landscape was really nice .




Camino de Tailandia .
On the way to Thailand  .


I tried to spend my money during the trip , but nobody let me pay again  . In the border , I finally bought food , before crossing to Thailand . It was very easy the border check point , exit stamp in Myanmar and entrance  stamp in Thailand .



Golden Rock .
Myanmar  .



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