Myanmar : Bagan




Sunset en Bagan
Sunset   ,  Bagan .


I got by night bus , from Mandalay . Bagan is really nice , its full of temples . You can watch the sunrise and sunset . Amazing pictures !! I spent the day with two Mexican guys and a French girl that I met in the bus .

Amanecer , en Bagan .
Sunrise  ,  Bagan .

Bagan is the most touristic place in Myanmar . The entrance for the temples was 15 USD . I didnt pay anything . Nobody asked me for the entrance . It was my favorite day in Myanmar , cycling and watching the temples . I watched the sunrise and the sunset the same day .

Haciendo amigos en Bagan
With  Perrine , Carlos and   Ade .

There are many temples . Its impossible to watch all of them , in one day . But It was enough for me with a day in Bagan . Next day , I left  Bagan  , long way to the South , from the North . To go overland to Thailand ,it was  the easiest way ,  going to Pha An .

Bagan .
Bagan .

I woke up very early and I hitchhiked with Perrine . It was working really good hitchhiking in Myanmar . They cant understand what are you doing . But people usually drive you . We had fun in the road ! But it was a long day from 6 am until 4 am that we got Pha An . From Bago , we rode a bus to Pha An . It was cheap and we were little bit in a hurry !

With  Perrine hitchhiking  .


There was no traffic , but the cars drove us long distances . A family from the North of Myanmar , who were working as a teachers , drove us . They told us many interesting things and showed us some videos . They were living near the check border point with  China , where there are no tourists . Their English was so good !

Durmiendo en cualquier lugar nuestro amigo birmano
Hitchhiking , Myanmar .


A young guy drove us , he had a construction company . He had good English . It was interesting to meet him . We took some pictures and we finally rode a truck to Bago . From Bago , we went by night bus to Pha An  . The problem in Myanmar is how expensive is acommodation . So , I think a night bus , its always really good choice . Specially ,  if you are in a hurry !

A dedo , en Birmania .
Hitchhiking  .


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