Hitchhiking to Laos



Hitchhiking to   Laos

Tom Yam .
Tom Yam .

Once I got the stamp in my passport , 15 days for Thailand . I hitchhiked ,  on the way to Laos  . A car drove me  direct to Tak , from Mae Sot . Around 80 kilometers . We stopped twice , first one for praying and the second one to have beer . I was lucky , when we got Tak , one of the guys , Oddy . He invited me to have dinner and sleep to his place . They introduced me their friends . We were having dinner , they were drinking whisky and for me beer . Dinner was great ! Tom Yam , the most famous dish in Thailand . Its a soup with shrimps , mushrooms , vegetables , you can share with rice . Also papaya , which was so good !



A dedo por Tailandia : rezando y cervecita para el camino
Hitchhiking ,  Thailand .


Next morning , I hitchhiked on the way to Laos . First ride easy and long . It was 200 kilometers in a truck , until Lamphang . Once , I got there , I got stucked . Nobody drove me . So , I took a bus until Pha Yao , North Thailand . Just got there , I saw a night market . So , I was walking around and eating ! In North Thailand food is great and very cheap . Too much variety !



Hamburguesa de arroz  , en Tailandia .
Rice hamburguer  ,  Thailand .


From Pha Yao , I took a bus until Chiang Rai , where I slept in the  Bus Station . It was so cold ! Next morning , I tried to hitchhike but there was no traffic . So , I went by bus until , Chiang Khong , border check point between Thailand and Laos . I had to walk around 3 kilometers but I was lucky . A tuk tuk driver drove me for free , he was going there . So , I saved a long walk !



Tuk tuk gratis para abandonar Tailandia
Tuk tuk for free ,  Thailand .


The border check point was full of tourists . Most of them were going to Luang Prabang , the most touristic place in Laos . They were going by a slow  boat , 2 days by Mekong River . Just as well I didnt . At that time , it was so cold ! The visa was On Arrival . They forced me to pay a bus to connect Thailand border with Laos border . It was 5 kilometers by bus , they built a new bridge crossing Mekong River . In Laos , it was 8 kilometers until Xuay , first town in Laos , where the Bus Station was . I hitchhiked to get Xuay .



Nada mas entrar en Laos
Hitchhiking  , Laos  .


In Xuay , I bought a night bus ticket to Luang Prabang . I was waiting 5 hours to bus departure . There was nothing to do in Xuay . I didnt see food already cooked  . Just cookies and chips . At least , I could exchange money and get Kips , Laos currency .



Con Oddy y sus amigos .
With  Oddy and his  friends  .


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