Myanmar : Yangon



Yangoon . Sule  Pagoda al fondo
Yangon  ,  Sule Pagoda al fondo .


From Bago , I hitchhiked to Yangon , the biggest city in Myanmar . Aproximately , 6 000 000 people . It took me two hours to get Yangon . A small truck drove me until Yangon and I took a bus to get downtown . Traffic was horrible !

Jugos callejeros , Yangon .
Street Juices  , Yangon .

I spent two days in Yangon . The best was street food , you can find everywhere . I love Burmese food , its tasty and cheap . I stayed in a hostel in downtown . During the morning , I was going around the city and at night visiting the night market . During the morning was very busy but and night was quiet . They were selling  a noodle soup , sharing with a broth and Chinese tea , only 30 cents USD . Also they sell rice with curry ,meat , vegetables . This more expensive around 50 cents USD in the street . Juice around 10 cents  USD , it was perfect to fight against the warm weather  . Everything was really good and cheap .

Mercado en Yangoon
Street Market  , Yangon .


There arent many things to see in Yangon . A lake , many Pagodas , you can find everywhere . Too much traffic . The most interesting for me , it was street markets .


Transportes por Birmania .
Transportation , Myanmar  .

I made a friendship with the girl , who was selling the bus ticket . She was invited me to have dinner with her family . They cooked very spicy , but at that time ,  I was able to eat whatever .

Comiendo insectos .
Yummy  !


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