Myanmar : Chaungtha Beach



Chaungtha Beach

Beach , Chaungtha .
Beach , Chaungtha .

From Yangon , I went to Chaungtha , by night bus . I spent two days in this beach . Most of the tourists were local people . Relax , jogging , sunbathing …  It was the plan during the day . At night , it was very quiet . I was meeting two guys , from France and German , that I met in the bus .

Bus , en Birmania .
Bus , Myanmar  .

I met a young guy , who showed me the local market . I thought , that he wanted to practice  English  . He told me that he was poor and he asked me if I can buy a motorcycle or a phone … I think , it was the only one in Myanmar , who was interesting in that way .

Camisetas .
Shirts  .

In the hostel , they didnt stop offering local food . Bad thing , they couldnt speak English . Just going out from the room and they usually asked me , did you eat ? And they offered me something to eat . She brought her friends to meet me  , one of them can speak English . It was really fun ! There was just an hour electricity  during the day , in the hostel  . But the girl was always giving to me a flashlight . I was the only guest in the hostel .

Chaungtha Beach .


In the beach , people wanted to talk to me , to practice their English . There were no many tourists . Myanmar people  love to eat betel . Its a flavour seed , which turn red your teeth , when you chew  . Its supposed , the effect is activating you and waking up .

Betelnut .




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