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Myanmar : Bago



Pagoda , Bago .

Pagoda , Bago .

Bago , 4 hours by bus from Kyaikto . It wasnt easy to go out from Kimphun hitchhiking  . Thats why , I decided to go  by bus with Ron . First thing in the morning , to have enough time to visit Bago in the same day . We stayed in a Guest House . The girls , who were working there , were so nice . The hostel was very clean . They told us , how to avoid paying the entrance in the Pagodas  and Sleeping Budha  . That money  is for the government and they didnt like the government . This is Myanmar !! There is always a way , to go inside for free .

Bago .

Bago .

I couldnt get lower price in the room . But , due to ,  my insistence , I got free bibycle and an invitation for  Myanmar dinner . Dinner was really good , a local dish !

Sleeping Budha

Sleeping Budha   .



There was a big Pagoda , which was really beautiful . Pagoda is the place , where Myanmar people go for praying . There are many of them in the country . I was going by bicycle and visiting the Pagodas . Bago is very small . Just a day is enough for visiting .

Gastronomia birmana .

Myanmar dish  .

There was a Sleeping Budha , which was so big . Bigger than the Budhas that I saw in Thailand . Its a pity , it was getting dark when I got there . But , it was great , with the lights .

En bici por Bago .

Cycling around  Bago .