Bienvenido a Birmania .
Welcome to Myanmar  .


The least touristic country in South East Asia , probably the best to visit . The most authentic , if I compare with the rest of the countries in South East Asia . Myanmar is very big , roads are really bad , food is cheap and delicious, many influences from  China , India , Thailand . Acommodation is expensive , if we check what they are offering . But  if you look properly , you can find good price . Transportation is cheap , opposite to acommodation ,  quality  is good .



Cama en dormitorio compartido en Yangoon
Bed in a dormitory ,  Yangoon .


People are the best in Myanmar . If Im honest , the most hospitable people in South East Asia . They invited you to their home for lunch , when they dont even know how to speak English . The worst thing , there is a dictatory , which isnt allow to host foreigners at home . Its supposed that  at 9 pm , you should leave home , if not they can get in trouble .



Pequño monje .
Small children  .


Myanmar people are buddhists , 90% population . Its full of pagodas as Sri Lanka and Nepal . First day , you got impressed for the pagodas . After a week you dont get so much impressed  , just normal . An interesting thing !! There is 30 minutes difference in time with Thailand . People dont try to cheat you with prices . People always try to help you , at least based in my experience .




Pagoda , en Birmania .
Pagoda , Myanmar  .



My first day , I spent in the border check point .  first town that you find in Myanmar coming from Thailand overland . There was a big mountain 30 kilometers far from there . The road was block that day , thats why ,  I spent a night  in this small town .


Hambre no se pasa en Birmania!!
Never hungry  , Myanmar !!


There was a lot of street food , cheaper than Thailand . I was looking for cheap acommodation long time . Until , I got a place . I found a friendly guy , just I looked at him , I knew that he is gonna help me . He asked me 10 USD for the room . I said that it was  so expensive . I was thinking to pay 7 USD . But he said 5 USD , I tried to get 4 USD ,  unsuccesfully . The routine in Myanmar , was like that , it was  always trying to barguin the price in acommodation .



Amanecer , en Bagan .
Sunrise  ,  Bagan .



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