Myanmar : kyaikto




Golden Rock Kyatkyo
Golden Rock , Kyaikto .


My first destination was Kyaikto , where it was the  Golden Rock in a temple . It was a pilgrimage , it was full of local people . It was a long hitchhiking from the border check point . Two hours to cross the mountain , it was very bumpy . I didnt realize and I got a taxi hitchhiking by mistake  . The funny thing , they asked for my passport before riding me . When I realized that it was a taxi , I tried to get off but they didnt allow to me . A nice guy stayed with me until I got kimphun , after the taxi we took a bus  .

A dedo por Birmania
Hitchhiking Myanmar  .

I got Kimphun at night , where the pilgrimage starts and you can find cheap acommodation  . The hostel was so dirty , the owner was hindu . He was counting the money all the time . I lowed the price and he removed my breakfast . I was lucky , asking information , how to get the Golden Rock . A French couple gave me a free ticket , it was for two days . I did the pilgrimage with Ron , a Spanish guy , who I got a free ticket also . He was so happy when I told him that  I have a free ticket for him . The entrance was around 6 USD .

Haciendo amigos en el camino a Golden Rock
Tanaka , called to this color in her face  ,  Myanmar  .



It was 4 hours hiking , on the way , was full of places for eating and drinking . Everything was very cheap . Everybody was trying to say hello to us . They said Mingalaga !! It means Glod bless you !!

Es mas grande el cuchillo que el chico
Knife is bigger than the kid  .

We were lucky that day , because it was full of people . It was a festivity that day . Transportation was for free to go up and down to the temple . Anyway we didnt get any transportation .

Golden Rock .
Golden Rock .

After the hiking , you can see the Golden Rock in the temple . Everybody were praying and taking pictures  . It was crazy !! We went back to Kimphun hiking , around 3 hours . Once , we got Kimphun , eating , resting and try to find out how to leave to my next destination : Bago .

A la entrada de Golden Rock
Entrance  ,   Golden Rock .


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