Hitchhiking to Myanmar


Hitchhiking to Myanmar



En bus , en Camboya .
By  bus ,  Cambodia .


I walked two hours to leave Phom Phen , the only way to leave was by moto-taxi and its not cheap . I hitchhiked , a couple drove me to the bus station . It was 5 USD , for 7-8 hours journey . So , as I had a long way , I paid the bus until the border check point . Anyway it was half of the price , which were asking for me in the tourist places . After the long ride by bus .  I crossed to Thailand and I started to hitchhike again . I had to cross Thailand , in horizontal , until Myanmar .

A dedo , en Tailandia .
Hitchhiking  Thailand .

I didnt get too much distance , it was very late  . People who drove me , got wrong . I knew the way perfectly , I did two weeks ago in the other way . I was saying that I wanted to get off but  they tried to be friendly but … They finally  left me in a village around 8 pm .

Ride en Tailandia !!
Enjoying Thailand !!

The best in that  village , there   was a night market . Amazing !! You are coming from Cambodia and you try Thai food , it feels so good . After a good dinner , I was lazy to look for a place to put the tent . So , I slept in the petrol station .

Sopitas tailandesas!!!
Yummy !!!

It took me two hours to go back to the initial route . One town , you ride a pick up at the back . They left you , get another one , 5 minutes waiting for a ride … Until I got Ayutthaya . They left me in a Highway , with 5 sides . Cars went so fast . When they go so fast , its very difficult to make them stop . Suddenly , a man appeared with a motorbike . He was asking me , what are you doing ? I was trying to explain to him . Until he told me eating . And he drove me to a restaurant and he treated for lunch . Amazing lunch !! The guy gave me 10 USD , which I refused , I told him , that it was enough with the food . But he drove me until next town to the bus station . Its not only  he bought me a VIP bus ticket to Tak , but he also  bought me a lot of food ,  two bottles of water …   I said thank you very much ! When we were saying goodbye , I hugged him and said thanks again . While I was hugging him ,  he put into my pocket money . I didnt want to accept , but he insisted . I thought , he was giving me back , 10 USD . But he gave 30 USD , a thousand bath exactly . He gave me his address and phone number for next time . Its amazing !! What kind of things happen in the road !!

Autobus VIP !! Gracias a la generosidad de mi amigo tailandes
VIP Bus !!

The bus was so comfortable . In 4  hours , I got Tak , 80 kilometers far from Myanmar border check point . I slept in the Bus Terminal , wifi included . It was a lucky day !   Next morning I walked around an hour to start to    hitchhike . Bus station was far from the road to Mae Sot  , where it was the border check point with Myanmar .  First car that I stopped , drove me  until Mae Sot . Its amazing hitchhiking in Thailand ! Its so funny ! Its a pity that we cant comunicate 100 % . Luckily body language , its Universal …

Camino a la frontera de Birmania
On the way to Myanmar  .




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